How to find a great book cover artist or illustrator…

Let’s be honest, people do judge a book by its cover–especially in this digital age of mass picture uploads on social media sites, flooding the internet with images. If you have a poor quality cover, or one that does not fit your genre, readers will dismiss the book in a second without even reading the title itself. A great cover can save that from happening!  This is true with book illustrators as well.

On, I’ve created a folder for book cover artists and illustrators to post about their services. Here is the link to that folder:

And for more listings, you can check out the folder on the E-Author Resources blog:

Remember! Always do your own research on the artists you find! While I provide a place for artists to post about their services, I do not make any guarantees as to the quality of their work.  Take a look at their prior artwork, and even request samples.  This will help you see if what they provide is a good fit for your project.


-Vincent Lowry

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  1. It might also be a good idea to make a note of the artist’s names who produce the covers for other books you’ve seen and like. You can usually Google them and find out more about them.

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