Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 1 of 100

SM Winter Solstice 2014

It’s now the 3rd of January 2017, and that means it’s the 1st day of my 100 day test to follow a creative dream of professional writing and photography. I woke up at 7:00 AM. I then packed all my metal photography prints to showcase to the two wineries I selected in Santa Ynez and made the 2.5 hour-long drive to visit said businesses. I ate some pea soup along the way (Anderson’s), picked up a pamphlet on God and business (something I didn’t expect to do, but glad I did), and took some pictures of ranches and vineyards. Kaylra Winery was my first stop. Because I didn’t set an appointment with them, the manager at Kaylra seemed a bit nervous I was there to sell them a service rather than buy a product. Her fears were eased when I decided to purchase two dessert wine bottles. I cannot say the same about my state of mind after spending money rather than making it, but I was glad to make progress with her and get vital information that could lead to a future business deal with the winery.

Sunstone was next on my list. The time was around 4:00 in the afternoon when I finally got pictures of this winery and talked to the General Manager. I was pleased to immediately pique the GM’s interest in a metal print. He asked me to send some sample photos of what I’m envisioning, to which I replied that I would as soon as I captured the shots I needed of the winery. I took more pictures after our conversation, and then chatted with a family who showed interest in my photography.

7:00 PM marked the hour of my drive home. My one comment for today is that driving for half the day severely restricts my ability to talk to business owners.


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