Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 5 of 100

Kalyra 9 (1 of 1).jpg

Have you met Bella? She cleans all day, doesn’t complain about her job, and she doesn’t ask for a paycheck for her services.

This either sounds too good to be true, or you are thinking the police should be called for my illegal labor practices. Don’t worry; it’s okay. Bella is my new self-cleaning robot–a Deebot to be precise. Bella was a Christmas gift from my wonderful girlfriend who recognized that the floors to my house were a little, well…untidy to put it in a delicate manner. It’s quite amazing to see the robot work. She leaves her charging station, roams about the floors with tiny circling brushes near her wheels, and uses her sensors to determine where furniture and objects obstruct her path. If she gets stuck, she beeps. If she approaches a ledge where she might fall, she backs up and turns around. If she gets low on power, she goes back to her docking station.

Are you sold yet? I sure was the minute I saw all of this in person!

So here is Bella, doing her work, and here I am, trying to do mine with photography and writing (I’m learning marketing tips and sales advice for both fields). I must admit that Bella is doing a better job of her duties than I am of mine. I’ve discovered so many videos on Youtube that reek of scams that I’m uncertain which video to believe and which to follow as legitimate advice. Some are obvious. Make a million dollars by taking a bath and brushing your teeth! Hey, Bella, please clean this one up. Land more sales by creating email lists and referral groups! It’s okay, Bella, you can leave that one alone.

I’m lucky that my girlfriend can help me navigate through all this marketing and sales advice, because I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a clue when it comes to getting more money from pursing my creative endeavors. Tonight will be more reading and watching and deciding.

And, of course, more cleaning…


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