Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 8 of 100


I listed to the President’s farewell speech tonight. This is not a blog post about Democrats or Republicans, nor is it a an opinion about the current President or the incoming one. You have your opinion on that already. It has been well formed over your lifetime, I’m sure. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will continue to feed the political fire today and years to come for anyone seeking to read or vent about the leadership and laws that impact our lives. Adding fuel to that inferno really isn’t needed here. Not on this blog post. Not by me.

I’ve visited about half of the United States so far in my journey to photograph every state in my native country,  and I can say with assurance that I’m a changed man as a result of doing so. This nation is so strikingly beautiful that it’s impossible to capture the true essence of that beauty in a picture, or a series of photographs. From mountains, to rivers, to desserts, to swamps, to coastlines, to cities–it’s mindboggling that so much could be called home to one nation. Simply seeing it on the internet doesn’t do it justice. You have to experience this land firsthand. You have to breath that winter mountain air, see those dessert sunsets, touch the cool waves lapping against the coastlines. I’m convinced that if more Americans did so, we’d find a new appreciation for what we have, and a new respect for what we must protect and pass on to future generations, most importantly our Democracy itself.

I’m not under the illusion that the bulk of our problems can be solved by a state-to-state road trip, and I know that some issues are likely to continue far into the future. I need only to look at the history of our country to understand that fact. My expectation, instead, is a rather modest one: step out, see something new, and take a picture of it to share with others. You might brighten their day a little in doing so.

And that is always a good start to building a better America.

(Vincent Lowry – Author of American Vineyard and LucysLetter)


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