Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 12 of 100

Convict Lake (1 of 1).jpg

I created an ad today on Facebook to draw people to an art exhibit/seminar that I’m hosting at the Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach, CA. I haven’t had much success with Facebook advertising (or any online advertising for that matter), but I’m more optimistic this time around because of some marketing tips I discovered thanks to my girlfriend. I plan on doing a second ad tomorrow for a separate teaching course I’ll be putting on sometime late next week or the week after. If these marketing tips work, I’ll share them on my blog. If not, there’s no need to mention them and force other readers down the same rabbit hole. While one could make the argument that mentioning ineffective advertising will at least put the reader on notice so they can avoid it, I disagree. As I said, I’m not a pro at marketing. I could just be following the advice wrong, or using the wrong strategy or product, so telling others not try what I’ve attempted isn’t a wise course of action.

I’m crossing my fingers I get to tell you something about it.


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