Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 17 of 100

dc-nightToday I closed on three fine art sales. It provided a much needed boost to my confidence on my dream job’s long-term viability, as I was beginning to wonder if there was a market for my product. As I suspected, a market exists. The trick, of course, is to find the customer who is looking for what I’m providing at the exact moment they need it, and to do it better than everyone else who supplying an alternative. The masters have this nailed down. I think all photographers (and writers) have a list of their favorite successful mentors, dead or alive, who have exceled at their craft to the point of financial independence. These mentors are the ones who keep the fire bright within our creative hearts during the difficult days, the moments when it seems impossible to pursue the vision because of internal or extra barriers. These masters show us that it can be done.  They prove that the barriers were largely self-imposed, and that confidence is always forged from within whether you are paid or not for your innate talent.

Who is on your mentor list?

And are you on someone’s list, too?

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