Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 90 of 100

Xmas Tree (1 of 1)I’m in the last stretch of the 100-day period that I allotted for following my photography/writing dream. I must admit that the dream has changed slightly to teaching and helping others as best as I can through seminars/webinars. I still have more work to do to see if this is going to be a success, but the good news is that I’m able to go over the 100-day time frame because of consulting time that I put in at my old job.

May 31st will be the final deadline. If I cannot see to way to make this dream work, I will go back to the ordinary work I was doing for years and be happy that I tried my best.

So I must work very hard now!

-Vincent Lowry   (I will add a picture soon. WordPress had errors.)


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