The Good for Nothing Boy by Jocelyn Soriano

Book Description:
There was once a boy who was said to be good for nothing. No matter how hard he tried, it seemed as though he was certainly good for nothing at all. To add to this sad plight, the bullies teased him even more for two things: first, that he had no name; and second, that he had no father. Not that he still had a mother, for she has vanished a long time ago. But at least, it can be said, that he had some memories of her.

One day, this little boy takes off in an adventure of a lifetime that would help him discover the truth about himself and the world around him. Together with his firefly friend, they would travel into magical places, meet extraordinary creatures and learn priceless lessons along the way. Will he be able to discover his name? Will he finally realize his true worth?

“The Good For Nothing Boy” is a story about searching for one’s worth and one’s purpose.  I remember the times I felt like the boy in the story, not knowing what I’m really good at and not knowing my mission in life.  Even though I have certain skills and talents, I often felt as though I’m not good enough.  In today’s world where competition is commended and where we need to stand out from the rest every day, how do we prove our worth?  Many times, we fail to see just how important one life can be.  We fail to see the impact of who we truly are in the greater scheme of things.

I hope that this book somehow helps you realize just how much you are worth. I hope it reveals to you your dignity as a person no matter your situation, and no matter the sufferings and challenges you’re going through.


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