Cold Civil War by Matt Thomas

Meet James Edwards. He is at a crossroads in life. Recently, his father passed away, his girlfriend left him, and his dead-end job under a tyrannical boss has gotten worse. Amid his disillusionment, he dreams of writing a novel about America, especially its cultural and political divide.

Finally, James, who for so long has held himself back from accomplishing anything, makes a change. He leaves home and his job for a life on the road, seeking inspiration for his novel, especially America’s sights, people, and its dynamics. However, what begins as a spiritual journey of self-discovery turns into more than be bargained for. After encountering a group of racist, misogynistic men, he confronts them in a tirade that, unbeknownst to him, is caught on camera. Soon, James’ rant goes viral.

As James’ journey continues and he becomes recognized as an internet celebrity, he learns harsh truths that cause him to question himself and the country he loves. A chain of events post-Chicago leads James into decisions that inspire, anger, and challenge a troubled country and himself. Ultimately, James will commit an act that not only will change him forever, but may live in infamy in American culture.






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