Find That Perfect Gift by Lia Manea

Your Roadmap to Success and Great Relationships

“Find That Perfect Gift!” is a practical and fun to read guide to finding remarkable gifts for any occasion. Written for busy people, it describes the exact steps to be followed for coming up with an awesome gift idea for your girlfriend, your wife or husband, parents, friends, neighbors or even that person who has everything.

The book explains the reasoning and psychology behind an unforgettable gift. You’ll find the Why, the How and the What of great gift-giving. No more aimless trips to the shops or mediocre gifts.

Change your mindset and perspective when it comes to gifts, ask yourself the right questions and you will surprise everyone on your list.

Save time and money and be admired for your great gift-giving skills!

This step-by step guide teaches your how to find perfectly customized gifts for everyone in your life:
* Wife or girlfriend
* Husband or boyfriend
* Parents
* Sister, brother
* Best friends
* Co-workers, neighbors
* Kids, babies and teens

Find out from this 1 hour read:
* how to actually spend less on gifts, with the help of a few preemptive habits
* why regifting is ok
* what not to do and how to avoid bad gifts
* the proven 3-steps method for offering a truly remarkable gift
* how to avoid the Christmas Craze and tackle Secret Santa
* about my bulletproof list of gifts that you cannot go wrong with

By improving your gift-giving skills you’ll be able to:
* surprise everyone with well-chosen gifts
* make your loved ones happy
* be appreciated and admired for your creativity and insights
* improve your relationships by showing people that you understand them
* build connection and trust. Don’t we all like people who understand us at a deep level?

* become more empathetic and attuned to the feelings of others
(As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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