The Crux Anthology: Adventure Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories from 16 International Authors

Come on an adventure! Within these pages you’ll find yourself battling with faeries against evil, waking on an unfamiliar planet, fighting for survival after an apocalypse, having the strangest conversation with aliens half your size, uncovering mysteries, opening doors to other dimensions, and so much more!

Edited & Compiled by YA author Rachael Ritchey, these short stories are a compilation of entries to the ASF Short Story Contest by seasoned and new authors across the globe. While style and culture vary widely across these adventures, one thing will stand out: the resilience of the human spirit.

Contributions come from:
R. J. Rodda (Chosen for the Fox-dance)
Joy E. Rancatore (Ealiverel Awakened)
Audrey Driscoll (Blue Rose)
Angie Thompson (Restore)
K. R. Ludlow (The BUSS Stop)
E. E. Rawls (Vanished)
R. J. Llewellyn (The Paths We Choose)
Victoria Lynn (Lost and Found)
Gary Jefferies (The God Strain)
Barb Taub (Daddy Forgot Water)
David Jesson (The Cave of Legix)
Sha’Tara (The Knight Errant: An Anachronistic Tale)
Briar Shea (A Journey with Death)
V. P. Grey (Elixir)
Deb Whittam (A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle)
Rachael Ritchey (The Forever Door)

These are all original works contributed by the specific authors with permissions to publish in this anthology. Many of these stories are now either in development for larger works, and the authors would love to hear from you about how much you enjoyed their stories!

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