5 Voices by Kevin Conlin

Reporter Izzy Buchanan has the story that is going to make her famous. Twenty years ago, a psychopath walked onto a campground and started shooting. Before he was taken down by a heroic bystander, he took eleven lives and injured many others in what was the worst mass murder in the state’s history. Izzy, an ambitious college journalism student, has made it her goal to find and interview five survivors of the St. Maria Goretti’s Campground shooting. A special trait unifies these five: they are the only witnesses who have never spoken publicly about what happened the day of the massacre. The five include the current governor, a young middle school teacher, a retired maintenance man, a woman who has since left the area, and the killer himself, whose pending execution makes Izzy’s assignment urgent. The secrets these witnesses have been keeping will change Izzy’s life forever and challenge the journalistic principles that she holds so dear, possibly forcing her to reveal her own connection to the massacre.


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