All Because of Her by Gretta Curran Browne


Part love story, part thriller, readers will find it hard to resist turning the pages.” — TELEGRAPH

“Great touching story! — All I can say is you better have a box of tissues in close proximity while reading this book. It will tear at your heart strings over and over again, and it’s impossible to put down!

Gretta Curran Browne is one of my favorite authors. Her writing has been consistently good and always keeps me reading non-stop. Never melodramatic, just real and the characters very human as in this particular book.

This story covers three generations of a very interesting family dynamic. From WWII and the French resistance to the Vietnam War rock-and-roll era to the early 80’s and 90’s this story is based on the amazing and solid love of two people. The political eras are well covered as their effect on the lives of this couple drives the plot. The beauty of the love story and the deep sadness evoked by circumstances beyond control of the couple is brilliantly written.

Needless to add, I loved this book. And I readily recommend it to readers of romance and historical fiction. It is well worth the read. This is my second time!” — WOODSEVER Amazon Top Contributor: Historical Fiction Books

Wow, Wow, and More Wow!
Absolutely loved, loved, and loved this book! The storyline was outstanding, as it moved along, developing the characters. I felt like I knew each one myself. Many I loved, and a couple I despised. It’s very sad in places, and it turns you around hooraying the next chapter.
Usually, I only give five stars to thrillers with multiple story lines and underground cave systems and treasures. Danger at every turn, always thinking of amazing escape tactics and succeeding. But, this book did it by working on my feelings and emotions. Something new for me, and definitely worth the five stars.
If you’re browsing for a great read that will keep you intrigued for hours, this is the one! Even when I was not reading it, I was thinking about it. It was a part of my life for a couple of enjoyable days. Amazing creation, Gretta Curran Browne. Thank you so much for giving my life pleasure!” — Sylvia Banschbach

Revised edition: Previously published as ‘Ghosts in Sunlight’ but only the title has been changed due to many readers saying the title of “Ghosts” was misleading, and they were initially put off thinking it was “paranormal” which it is not.


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