Andrew’s Short Story about Max

I couldn’t wait! I was going to finally get a new puppy. Me and my family had decided on two names, Max or Goldie, one if we got a male dog and one if we got a female dog. We had also decided to get a Golden Retriever. They are some of the most trustworthy dogs. As we enter the breeders house, we are warmly welcomed, with Golden Retriever puppies walking around our feet. We walk over to their living room and sit on the couch.

 As puppies come over and sniff around, we are handed one puppy. As I hold him, he stretches in my arms. He seems like the calm and lazy type of puppy. However, we were looking for the perfect puppy, one not too lazy or too hyper. This puppy was definitely too lazy. As a family, we decided he wasn’t quite what we were looking for. 

Moving on the the next puppy, we noticed this one exploring and being very curious. However, we also noticed he was very naughty, scratching at the carpet and chewing on the furniture. It was obvious this one wasn’t for us. Then, the perfect puppy came. 

Walking towards us, he jumped into my arms. He was the perfect balance of hyperness and laziness. We explored the house together and got a feel for how he acted. He was perfectly behaved and liked to explore a little bit, walking down the hallway and climbing on the furniture. By the end of the day, we had decided we were gonna get this puppy. 

We also decided his name would be max. With happiness, I picked him up and said “Max, welcome to our family“. We walked him to our car, put him in his cage, and brought him home. As we heard his whimpering from the back seat, I felt bad for him. He had just been taken from his brothers and sisters and was now given a new family. However, I knew he would have a wonderful life with us. 

We eventually get home and put him on hardwood floor. Curious, he sniffed around and walked all over the first story of our house. He climbed our furniture and walked down our hallways. Soon, he realized this was his new home. We put him in his cage for the night, and climb up the stairs to go to bed.

 I lay down in my bed night excited for what is to come. Questions race through my head as I have trouble sleeping. ‘What will we do with max tomorrow?’. ‘Does max enjoy walks?’. ‘What food does he like to eat?’. Eventually, I fall asleep, looking forward for the years to come. I wondered if we would have the ordinary experiences dogs and people have in the movies. Would max run after the birds and brick the leash in half? Would he need to wear a cone? All I could do was plan for the future. Little did I know, the next couple of years would include many funny stories with me and Max, some of which would help us grow closer together as friends. 


A Short Story by Andrew Hargrove

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