Interview with Becky Villareal, Author of The Broken Branches


Today’s interview is with Becky Villareal, author of The Broken Branches.

Please enjoy!




1) What is your author name and in what state do you live (or country if not in the US)?
Becky Villareal Texas
2) What is the title of your newest book and what is the genre?
The Broken Branches YA Fiction
3) What is the book about?
About a young girl’s journey to find out about her family history and genealogy
4) Where did you come up with the idea?
Several years ago we had a severe ice storm in the Dallas area.  Many of the trees were destroyed by the ice but some survived. I thought this was a good way to compare how women (young and old) can spring back from bad circumstances in their lives.
5) How long did it take you to write it?
Approximately two years.
6) Did you learn anything from the project?
Yes, I learned about Hispanic celebrations, old jewelry, and moving into the United States from Mexico, and more about my own family roots.
7) Do you have an author website and/or blog? How about a book video?
Genealogy for Children:
8) Do you have any success tips to pass on to fellow authors? How about any great editors/cover artists?  I had a wonderful cover artist for my children’s book, Gianna the Treasure Hunter. Her name is Jessica Balli. The best editor I’ve ever had was Jessica Schmeidler from Golden Wheat Literary.
9) What genres do you like to read? Are you open to reading new authors and reviewing their work? I love women’s fiction my favorites authors being Karen White as well as Catherine Cookson. As an early childhood teacher, I grew to love children’s books, particularly picture books, and am open to reading new authors and reviewing their work at any time.
10) What is your favorite book of all time and why?  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte because of the hardships this young woman had to endure and the strength she displayed through it all.
11) Fun Question: Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? I have three albino frogs and a gecko. No names have been given out at this time. 😦 I’ve also had multiple cats and dogs who I’ve loved and lost along the way.
12) Fun Question 2: Do you own an electronic reading device? If so, what kind and how do you like it? If you count a Nook, that’s the device I have. However, I also use Kindle because of the freedom to read late into the evening without disturbing anyone else with the lights from the lamp. It’s also a great way to sample new author’s work.
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