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Interview with Dick Rothschild, Author of The End Game

Happy Friday!

Today I’m very pleased to bring you this interview with Dick Rothschild, author of The End Game! I’m sure reading it will inspire you!


-Vincent Lowry



Genres: Fiction, Romance

What is the book about?

THE END GAME is a tale of love and loss, the experience we share,
though our life paths diverge. Specifically, the novel is the tale of Bob and Coco, teenage lovers, estranged for fifty years, who find one another again, try to rekindle their romance but struggle with thwarting physical and emotional baggage they have taken on in the intervening years.

Where did you come up with the idea?

How did I even come up with the idea of writing a debut novel well into my nineties? I wish I could tell you that I experienced an epiphany but the reality is less dramatic. After having written bylined newspaper columns for thirteen years, one morning, facing a deadline, I realized that I was burnt out with that. But I knew I still wanted to continue writing. A novel came to mind, I think because I was aware that my own expiration date was coming up before long and I wanted to leave a piece of myself behind. The idea for the plot came as I was ruminating about my own life and wondering how different it might have turned out, had I married my teen-age girl friend. That melded into the idea of a fictional story of two teenage lovers, reunited after many years.

How long did it take you to write it?

The first draft took about eighteen months, after which I had it evaluated and critiqued by a real pro, Stacey Donovan. I made changes, then had Don White, another consummate professional, copy and line edit the manuscript. The whole process took
about two and a half years.

Did you learn anything from the project?

Yes, I came to understand that while each of us follows a different path through life, that we share the need to find love and, having found it, the need to cope with the loss of that love.

Do you have an author website or blog?

No¸ but I do have an active Facebook page, which covers a broad range of interests including the latest about THE END GAME, such as the recent release of an audiobook version, expertly narrated by Steve Miller.

Any tips to pass along to fellow writers?

Yes, I do. Make writing your top priority and schedule it at regular time, daily. Don’t let other activities interfere.

What genres do you like to read?

Open to reading new authors and reviewing their work? I especially enjoy contemporary and classic fiction, biography, and non-fiction dealing with big ideas. And I’m open to reading and reviewing the work of new authors in the genes of romance, new and literary fiction. Your favorite book of all time and why? That’s a tough one but if I had to choose just one, I guess I’d chose, Ivan Turgenyev’s “Fathers and Sons.” Why? Because it deals with the eternal conflict between the ideas of the older generation and the younger and because it is so masterfully written.

Do you have any pets and what kind?

Life would be diminished without the devotion of our beloved pet, Cat Ballou, eighteen pounds of unalloyed pleasure. Independent yet caring, he enriches our life.

Do you have an electronic reading device? If so, what kind and how do you like it?

I do. Its an Amazon Fire tablet with a screen about the size of a paperback page. Useful to bring books along while traveling without taking up space in my suitcase.



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