Interview with Richard Messinger, Author of The Man with the Jagged Red Scar


Today’s interview is with Richard Messinger, author of The Man with the Jagged Red Scar.

Please enjoy!


-Vincent Lowry


1.Author Name and Location:

Richard Messinger / Long Island New York, Palm Beach County Florida

2.Title of Book:

The Man With The Jagged Red Scar, Historical thriller/bio-fiction

3.What is the book about?

It’s not every day that a Nazi U-Boat surfaces off the coast of Long Island as it does in this historical work of bio-fiction. Follow the saga of an illustrious legal family as they encounter escaped Nazis living in post WWII America. From the Nuremberg Trials to the Warren Commission, from Giverny and Paris to the darkest days of the death camps of Nazi Germany to peace and calm of the East End of Long Island that is shattered when a small band of Nazi saboteurs land on the shores of Amagansett in 1942 taking the reader on a roller coaster ride as the story of “The Man With The Jagged Red Scar” enfolds.
Based on the true story known as the Amagansett Incident of 1942, the only time in American History that an enemy force actually succeeded in landing on our shores, Forrest and Ellie Mills confront escaped Nazis from Nuremberg Prison living side by side with them in the “cottages” that dot the coast of the Hamptons as well as on the Upper West Side of Manhattan including a crazed Nazi Psychiatrist, who after having facial reconstruction, ends up treating a young Lee Harvey Oswald in NYC in the mid 1950’s. Several other story lines all converge during the July 4, 1942 Independence Day Celebration and Regatta at the Mills family compound, when the U-Boat surfaces and rams the Esmeralda, the family’s schooner, creating untold havoc and panic for years to come.

4. Where did you come up with the story?

Having had a military history in our family over several generations including my dad, a WWII gunner in the Army Air Corp who was shot down by the Nazis over Northern Italy, saved by local partisans and then spending years in VA Hospitals, coupled with losing many family members to the ravages of Nazi Concentration Camps probably percolated in my head as I wrote the book over several years.

5. How long did it take you to write it?

3-4 years. I am currently working on a sequel or book 2 of THE CRYING KANGLING OF GOD series. By the way, a Kangling is an ancient Tibetan instrument made from a human femur and plays a pivotal part of another storyline in The Man With The Jagged Red Scar. More specifically, Adolph Hitler, or Adi, as he is described in the book had sent Himmler, his Vice-Fuhrer to Tibet in the late 1930’s in search of the perfect Kangling, which ends up serving as a “death” symbol throughout the book.

6. Did you learn anything from the project?

Having grown upon the 1950’s reading THE GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD, I didn’t think that after having completed the book that I would be so enamored with the world of the Far East including it’s history and religious thought. Also, perseverance.

7. What is your website:

Web-site under development…THEMANWITHTHEJAGGEDREDSCAR.COM. Also active, Twitter:The Man With The Jagged Red Scar and Face Book page under same name.

8. What advice do you have for authors?

Keep reading. Maintain detailed note file.

9. What genre do you like to read?

I read everything. FIction/non fiction, thrillers, biographies, science fiction, mythology, religion, natural history and art.

10. What is your favorite book?

I don’t have a favorite book. However, I am currently re-reading THE HARE WITH AMBER EYES by Edmund De Waal. A tremendous complex work that uses a certain Japanese object, the Netsuke, or “prop” as a story telling device. In my novel, I used several literary props, including the Kangling, the missing fragments of the Bayeux Tapestry, and a Michel Bouvier Vitrine as mechanisms or props to carry the reader through several centuries of European and American history.

11. Do you have any pets?

I am a dog person. We have had many dogs over 45 years of marriage. Now that we split our time between Florida and Long island we no longer have a dog. But if I could I would like either a Wheaten Terrier or a Bouncin’ Bearded Collie.

12. Do own an e-device for reading?

Everything Apple/imac/ipads/macbookairiphones -my book is on APPLEBOOKS

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