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Interview with Anthony S. Author of Paradise and the Pandemic

Good morning,

I’m pleased to bring you this interview with Anthony S, author of Paradise and the Pandemic.

Please enjoy!


-Vincent Lowry


#1 What is your author name? Author Anthony S (Texas)

#2 What is the title of your book and the genre? “Paradise and the Pandemic” (Genre) children’s book

#3 What is the book about? A female character named “Paradise” who entertains and educates our youth. (virtual learning book series)

#4 Where did you get the idea for it? I was inspired by my niece

#5 How long did it take you to write it? It took me six weeks to write it… not including editing

#6 Did you learn anything from it? I learned quite a bit from the project… as always, taking things into consideration.

#7 Do you have website? I have a website I am currently working on the animation I anticipate launching in three to four weeks.

#8 Do you have any tips for authors? Yes, (use) editors and cover artists. 

#9 What genres do you like to read? I like drama, suspense, spirituality, and fiction with a message.

#10 What is your favorite book or author? Rick Warren…Inspiring, compassionate, empowering, encouraging, hopeful…keeps me well rounded.

#11 Do you have any pets? Used too…K-9

#12 Do you use an electric reading device? No…but I’m open! 


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