Interview with Karen Tripson, Author of The Cooking Class in Budapest


Today’s interview is with Karen Tripson, author of The Cooking Class in Budapest.

I hope you enjoy it!


Vincent Lowry

Author Interview:

1) What is your author name and in what state do you live (or country if not in the US)?
Karen Tripson
Seattle WA

2) What is the title of your newest book and what is the genre?
The Cooking Class in Budapest
Love later in life

3) What is the book about? 
It’s a love story about two middle-aged art experts and a cache of hidden art. Bernadette stars as a smart Parisian woman living in Seattle. An unexpected inheritance of paintings makes her suspicious as she hardly knew the artist. Her employer, Drew, has been in pursuit and she decides to give him a chance. Bernadette doesn’t plan to fall in love or go to Budapest to look for the mising art. Soon the pressure is on for her to go to Hungary before an old friend of her father’s dies without revealing the location of the art. The Cooking Class in Budapest offers the precariousness of love later in life, the intrigue of recovering stolen art and the sensual joys of fine dining and travel.

4) Where did you come up with the idea?
This novel is third in a series of love later in life stories with cuisine, travel and art as the focus of the characters. My previous locations were Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and San Sebastián, Spain. I needed an exotic setting with history and a sophisticated cultural scene. I got ideas for the action in the novel while vacationing in Budapest.

5) How long did it take you to write it?
About two years.

6) Did you learn anything from the project?
Unlike most previous projects, I did not prepare a detailed outline. I was inspired by the characters and started writing with no clear concept of where it was going. I don’t think I’ll use an outline again. 
7) Do you have an author website and/or blog? How about a book video?
My web site is and includes my blog which displays all the posts since the publication of The Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur in 2013. The blog Cooking and Reading Every Day dates to about 2000. I don’t have a book video yet but intend to create one soon.

8) Do you have any success tips to pass on to fellow authors? How about any great editors/cover artists? 
Sit at your desk every day and write. I get started by reviewing what I wrote the day before.
My editor is Debra Ginsberg. She’s terrific and always has good suggestions. My cover art and book interior are by Schubert Design. I love working with Daria and think she’s done a great job for me. 

9) What genres do you like to read? Are you open to reading new authors and reviewing their work?
I’m an eclectic reader and proudly display my Goodreads list on my website. I read classic fiction, women’s contemporary fiction, romance, mysteries, memoirs, biography, art history, cookbooks, gardening and travel.
I’d be open to reading and reviewing new authors on subjects I’m interested in. 

10) What is your favorite book of all time and why?
That’s a difficult question. Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey is a favorite I’ve read several times as it satisfies on every level. The writing is a pleasure to read. I was charmed by the generations of the Stamper family who all live and work together in the dangerous logging industry in Oregon after the Korean War. It’s inspiring and heartbreaking when a union strike pits the Stampers against the whole town and the union. Hank, Henry, Lee and Viv are all memorable characters. The story foreshadows the complicated decline of the timber industry which decimated so many lives and communities in the Pacific Northwest. 

11) Fun Question: Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
An acutely intelligent cocker spaniel, who loves cooking and reading every day with me. 

12) Fun Question 2: Do you own an electronic reading device? If so, what kind and how do you like it?
I have an iPad with the Libby app to download eBooks from the Seattle Public Library. I love traveling with it to avoid carrying a separate bag for books. I also have a Kindle app for downloading purchases from Amazon when I must have something good to read right now.

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