Book Cover Artists

If you are a book cover artist, please leave a post below giving us your name, contact info, and any web links.

I know of a great one called Creative Digital Studios that I’ve used for several of my books.

Here is some info about them (here is their link: CDS):

“At Creative Digital Studios we are committed to good design and good service. We work with our clients to deliver great designs that catch the eye and give your book a polished and professional feel both inside and out. Our staff is well versed in all the latest trends and publishing requirements so that we can help you every step of the way from editing and formatting to the cover and marketing designs. Contact us today to see what Creative Digital Studios can do for you.”


77 responses to “Book Cover Artists

  1. Hi my name is Peter Lott and we have a selection of images available for ebooks and printed book covers.
    The site is
    I can be contacted through the site or at
    These are ready to go images.

  2. Hello, I’m looking for an artist in the London (uk) area to help me come up with the cover of my upcoming book.
    Contact me on:

  3. I’m looking for somebody who lives in the London (UK) area to meet with to help me come up with a cover for my upcoming book. Please contact me on if you are interested

  4. Prasanna

    Hi, My name is Prasanna, i am good Pencil Artist. Pencil arts provide excellent appearance to book covers. I would to create exact art which you needed for your book. I need a certain specifications for drawing covers. Send your Specification to my contact i will send cover in next 3 days. You can pay me what my Draw worth for. I am undergoing College your Money and my Art are helpful for both.

  5. Hi my name is Alan Natale and I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy and Geek-related illustration for e-book and print book covers.

  6. Aloha,
    My name is Rose Adare, I am an evocative portrait artist living in Hawai’i. I paint in oils, a mixture of classical anatomy, pushing color and an impressionistic feel. My images are very strong and I’m curious to see if my work would fit in the world of book covers.
    Here is my website:
    I would love your input!
    Mahalo and Cheers,

  7. jabromeit

    Hello from Good Cover Design
    My name is Jacqueline Abromeit and I offer: Professional book cover design starting from less than £100 for the self-publishing author. Please visit for more details.
    Or see sample of my work here:
    All the best, Jacqueline

  8. Hello,
    We’re a book design studio. Our covers are made to the highest industry standards, using original artwork and a wide range of techniques and materials. 
    Visit us at to discuss your project and browse our gallery.

  9. Hello Everyone!
    James Price here owner of everyone come and check it out you will find the perfect cover to fit your work of art! Remember loves comments and suggestions because they will help me better my site and covers. twitter aepbookcovers like and share!
    Don’t forget
    Thank you!
    James Price

  10. Hello,

    I have years of experience in custom e-book and book cover design for self-publishing authors.
    Check out my works at

  11. My name is Zackary with Raven Tree Design.
    Raven Tree is a full service professional graphic design company, but specializes in assisting indie authors publish.
    Whether you need a book cover, promotional material, or typesetting and formatting, we will help you step by step, from the very beginning
    For the more seasoned authors, who know exactly what you want, we offer very quick turn around, with the same quality service.
    With every project you will receive superb quality, professional experience, and dedicated designer who will listen to your needs.
    We will work with traditional offset printers, or short run print on demand sites like Createspace, and Lulu.

    Visit us at

    We always have specials and package deals going on, just ask!

  12. Hi,
    I offer custom e-book and book cover design for self-publishing authors. I’ve designed hundreds of covers for audiobooks and have worked with major publishers and authors. My prices include stock photography and custom design in Photoshop, so your cover is unique and tailored to your book. E-mail me at or visit my website to learn more,

  13. Hello, my work is an invocation of the feminine spirit roots of the worlds oldest forms of ceremony & healing. The original painitngs are Mixed Media: gouache, ink, charcoal 30”x30” or 22”x30”.. To visit my current series, Deeper than Dreams; Archetypal Visions go to
    Museum Quality Prints & Cover Art are available.

    These densley layered images reflect our prehistorical lineage of healing, birth practices & Shamanism also known as the Wise Woman Tradition.
    My work is bold, bright, pulsing with intensity. They are mixed media paintings on paper grown from layer upon layer of adventurous collage and mark making, packed with unexpected iconography and delicious details. Huichol artistry, medieval tapestries, Egyptian iconography and indigenous healing traditions all have their say in the outcome.

    For more info please contact me at:

  14. Hi,
    My name is Rod Pereira and I’m a professional artist for more than 18 years.
    I have experience in Book cover, comic book and concept art.
    Here is the link of my gallery on DA:

    And if you would like to know a little more about me, please take a look on my Bio in my portfolio website:


    Rod Pereira – Contact –

  15. Sterling Steves is a photographer based in Ft. Worth Texas who produces eye-catching, book-cover-quality graphics. Here are links to a couple of samples from his online portfolio…

    You can find more at his facebook page… .

    His web page with contact info is here: .

    I am not Sterling’s agent, just a huge fan of his work!

  16. Hi! My name is Gogo Melone and I’m digital artist/illustrator, having my own studio business since 2007. I used to work with labels and musicians for CD Covers, Booklets and other goodies but lately I found a new love about books so I’m trying to get in the book designing and provide my skills to those who will be interested. My art is a mixture of dark digital art and photography, highly influenced by Fairytales, Dark and Gothic fashion, the beauty of fragile souls, cold and dreamy places. I’ve worked with many people so far and if any of you is looking for professional designs in affordable prices please feel free to contact with me at

    You can see my work at or you can simple follow me at

    Thanks a lot!

  17. I am professional book cover designer with 10 years of experience in book cover design, I make originally artistic and elegant covers with usage of photo manipulation.
    I make covers both for print and e-books by affordable prices.
    my portfolio and contact is available here
    you can hire me also via ODesk

  18. Calling All Indie E-Book Authors! You can see my work at Keep me in mind for your next e-book cover.

  19. Hello,

    I’m a book cover artist with over 14 years experience in designing E and print covers for published, self-published, and first time authors.

    My covers has been showcased in a variety of media including Time Magazine, Wired Magazine, NPR, XM Radio, WOAI radio, Cosmos Space TV Japan, and Inside Sports Fishing magazine.

    Samples of my book cover designs are at my websites.

    Please send me an email at for more info about how to get started, and available packages and specials.

    Looking forward to working with you.


  20. Shaina L.

    Hey! I’ve never really done a cover for anyone other than my sister, but I really want to try it, and see how I do with people I don’t know! Free of course, just e-mail me everything I need to know and I’ll get back to you.

    • ladymjr

      Lady Martine J Roberts
      eBook and Paperback cover design required.
      My book is a historical romance based on Pride & Prejudice. It’s called Mr Darcy’s Struggle. I need a cover of a regency gentleman (Darcy, so tall dark and handsome, sort of Colin Firth like) with his expression conveying his inner turmoil;
      Can you do this, and approximate cost, and in what time frame please.
      Kind regards

  21. I’m Skylar and I’m a digital artist specialised in photo manipulations for book covers.

    My aim is to create works, that is often seen as an imagination, to something that is real and tangible. And therefore making dreams and designs becoming existence in the world we live in.

    Here are some of my book cover examples:

    For more information about book covers, visit my website here:

    Or send me an email directly to:

  22. Hi my name is Nicolene I do book cover designs please check out my site: and my fan page: I hope you like my work.

  23. Hi authors,
    I am a cover designer. If you are looking for a good book cover but don’t have a lot to spend, you’ve come to the right person. I do simple cover designs that look great on both print books and ebooks for $20.00. You can check out my website to learn more about my cover design service and to contact me:

  24. emmadolan

    I have worked as a full time book designer for the past 5 years, but have recently started freelancing. You can check out my work here:

  25. Hi, I’m Jen and my book cover design service can be found at:
    I work closely with the Author to create the perfect ebook cover for upload onto Amazon etc. email me at

  26. I work under the name Alyzen Moonshadow in the fast emerging field of mobile photography art, in fact I am one of the pioneers of iPhoneography and, more recently a staunch advocate for Androidography. Here is the link to my website:

    My work is available to purchase on Society 6, ArtOfWhere, Constrvct, RedBubble, Zazzle, Fine Art America and DeviantArt, as fine art photography prints, framed prints, canvas prints, iPhone/iPad covers, laptop skins, posters, mouse mats, t-shirts, pillows, dresses, etc. The links to these can be found on my website.

    My images have been exhibited a number of times in various iPhoneography group shows, most recently the LA-MAF (Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival), MINA (New Zealand), FX Studio NY Show (Christmas 2012), and I have also sold an image to a Canadian Theatre for their production advertising, and a US Transport Department used one of my early iPhoneography images for their online magazine in 2011. I hold complete rights to all my work. I estimate my entire oeuvre to be in the region of over a thousand images, ready for publication.

    I would like to branch out into creating book covers, and would appreciate any advice, specifically in which companies to approach, and the technical side of it. I have however, created CD Album mock-ups using my own iPhone images, which you can see on my Pinterest page here:

    Any leads or advice on how to get my work published as book covers or Album Art would be much appreciated, many thanks!

    AlyZen Moonshadow 🙂

  27. My name is Tiffani. I have 15 years experience as a graphic designer. You can check out some of my covers at There is also a link to enter my contest to win a Free Book Cover Design and (yum!) free Starbucks coffee!

  28. Hey all!

    I’m a graphic designer that specializes in cover art, web design, Facebook customization and print marketing.

    My portfolio is available on my website:!

  29. I am an artist that does illustrations, concept art, animation. You can view my artwork at and for fan art. You can contact me at

  30. Hello my name is Melissa Stevens. I’m a book cover artist and illustrator. I create everything from simple photo covers to fully illustrated custom covers. Please visit: for my portfolio.

    Thank you for allowing us to promote ourselves!

  31. Hi! I am Isis Sousa, both author (digital art technique) and artist.

    I do high end illustrations and cover art. You can check my work here:

  32. Hi all. My Name is Paul Beeley and I run Create Imaginations, we have been working with Self published authors for over a two years now, helping them get there fabulous work noticed. We create both Ebooks and Print covers, and also give help and advise with marketing.

    Please have a look at our website.,
    Or send us an email for more information

    Thank you, Paul.:-)

  33. I’m Leah, a book junkie, movie enthusiast, cover artist and graphic designer. I’m looking for authors/writers/publishers who are interested in working with me to design covers and any other print/we web graphics!

    As a seasoned professional I am offering you my extensive working knowledge that can make the cover design process smooth and fun! Current samples of all my work, from print designs to cover samples, can be found here: I’m open to working with ALL genre’s! 🙂

    I believe in supporting creatives so would love to swap likes with anyone on Facebook so we can share the book love!

    I’m doing bunches of giveaways on Facebook. FREE banners etc. Make sure to like me over there to follow my posts! 😀

    Best regards,

    Connect with me!
    Official Website:
    Goodreads Group:

  34. Hello Authors!!
    I am a Cover Artist and I have a special promotion on cover art at the moment: – covers starting at $75!

    Please see some of my work here:

    My facebook page:

    I create in a variety of styles from photo manipulation to traditional illustration.

    I just started a YouTube channel showing how I create covers:

  35. HOC

    Hello! I run a small design company from my home in the UK, and produce book covers to order. I work on anything from popular fiction to sci-fi fantasy and chick-lit.

    Please view my website for more details.

  36. For stylish and affordable ebook as well as paperback covers – all genres – premade or custom-made, please have a look at:

    Thank you!
    Melody Simmons

  37. For stylish and affordable ebook as well as paperback covers – all genres – premade or custom-designed, please have a look at:

    Thank you!
    Melody Simmons

  38. I love digital design and would like to share that energy with you in designing your next book cover. Check out my portfolio at If you like what you see…let’s get started today!

  39. ahthompson

    I provide affordable, attractive book covers. eBook covers start at $40! Please visit my website for details:

  40. First things first, here are some links…

    Visit my portfolio at to see some of what I’ve done. You’ll find bookcovers for authors, album art for librivox, which I did on a volunteer basis and I’ve shared a bit about how I worked with the authors I’ve worked with.

    My latest work, SEASICK: The Cautionary Tale of Jimmy Divine, has just been released on amazon. I read the book, envisioned the cover and made it.

    Here’s the link:

    By following the above link, you’ll also see another cover I envisioned and created for MOLLYVILLE: Humble Beginnings.

    If what you’d like is for me to deliver you an eye-catching and stylish book cover using your story to guide me and my own intuition, I’ll be happy to provide you with that for $150. If you have specific ideas about what you want with regard to imagery, the price will range from $250-$400 depending on your choice of stock imagery, should I need to pull professional stock images to bring your vision into view and the complexity of the work required.

    You are, of course, free to use the artwork rendered in any way that you desire in connection with your book.

    Paypal payments are preferred.

    If we work together, we have a set date by which your design will be delivered. Intuitive fast turn around designs are no problem.

    I also do website design and formatting for kindle. I’ll list myself under the appropriate pages on this site for those services.

    For book cover design, I can be reached via email at


  41. Scribbleleaf is a small friendly company offering an affordable book cover illustration and design service to self-publishing authors.
    We are two artist/illustrators who are passionate about book cover art and design and aim to produce stunning covers that capture the essence of each book, ensuring that they stand out in a crowded market.
    We never use stock images or photos: our designs are all uniquely created using a variety of hand drawn and/ digital media.
    Where possible we also offer the option to purchase the original artwork used for your cover.
    We design e-book covers as well as full print covers and also offer different solutions to suit your needs and budget.

    Please visit us at

  42. I’m a professional cover artist, experienced in complex artworks, surreal/fantasy/dark imagery, tight deadlines, cinematic art and original works that you won’t have a change to see similar in any other cover.

    Affordable prices for independent authors and some more surprises.

    If interested, drop me an email:

    Clients (companies only):
    Abram Books
    Brown Books
    Penguin Group
    Random House
    Mccann Erickson
    Bundoran Press
    Entangled Publishing


    As an author, I understand the need for a dynamic book cover that will both express the book’s theme and catch a reader’s attention. I offer fast, affordable, and beautifully designed book covers.

    Do you have an idea for your cover? Great! I can help you achieve your vision. Don’t know what you’d like? No problem. I can help you with that too.

    I work with stock images in Photoshop to create a variety of styles, both abstract and realistic. I will supply all stock images needed for your project, unless you have something of your own that you’d like me to use.

    I’m also offering inexpensive, premade covers. These covers come in a variety of genres and are perfect for authors on a budget.Please note, these covers are as is. No changes will be made except to insert title and author name. Once a premade cover is sold, it will not be used again.

    • E-book / front cover only — $75 CDN
    • Full wrap — $150 CDN

    • E-book / front cover only — $30 CDN
    • Full wrap — $60 CDN

    Payments through PayPal only

    If you’re interested in retaining my services or would like more information, send an email to

  44. LLPix Photography (Established 2006)
    A company striving to cover indie authors at affordable prices!
    Laura Wright LaRoche
    I am a photographer, author, and book cover designer specializing in photo manipulation.
    Check out my portfolio of multiple indie authors I’ve covered.
    I work with the author until they are satisfied with their custom cover. Most covers only cost $45 and you can add the back and spine for an additional $20. That’s only $65 for a full print ready cover!
    Pre-made book covers are available for only $33.
    Payments are accepted through PayPal.
    I supply the photos needed with my own stock or internet stock from royalty free sites. The author may supply personal images if they desire.
    Contact me today!

  45. Hello Authors and Publishers,
    I’m Tamian of Beyond Design International
    Contact me for elegant, eye catching designs that will get your book noticed. Let’s work together to create your “gotta have that book” cover

    YouTube video:
    Web site:

    Not sure if my earlier reply went through. If it did feel free to delete this as a duplicate

  46. Hello Authors and Publishers.

    I’m Tamian from Beyond Design International
    Contact me for elegant, eye-catching designs that will get your book noticed.

    Follow this link to a quick 2 minute book trailer of my cover designs

    You can find my portfolio at:
    or on facebook at

    Let’s work together to create your “gotta have that book” cover

    Tamian Wood
    Graphic Designer
    Beyond Design International

  47. I am a full time artist who creates book covers for a living. You can check out my work here:
    Website –
    Deviantart –
    Facebook –

    There are lot of artworks in my galleries as potential book covers. The price range for my work is $250 to $600 depending on the complexity of the work. I am very flexible with payments so all you have to do is initiate a conversation if you are interested.

    What all you get for the money:
    -A customized artwork that may almost look like a digital painting.
    -Up to 3 free revisions. You pay in 2 parts so you get exactly what you want before you make the full payment.
    -Freedom to use the artwork in any way you want pertaining to the promotion of your book.
    -The artwork will be exclusively yours.
    -Ability to give your own photos to be used on the cover that may not look extremely professional but still can be transformed into a beautiful and professional looking cover. (for the exclusivity of the stock images used)
    -…and more.

    Most of my existing work is in high dimensions & resolution so it can be used for printing as well.

  48. Hello from Tugboat Design!

    At Tugboat Design strive to provide high quality, professional book covers at an affordable price for independent authors. We know how important your book is to you, but we also understand that as an independent author your budget is tight. We can design a unique book cover specifically for your book, or you can choose from our may ready-to-go covers that are available for purchase at a reduced price. Not only do we design e-book covers, but we also design full print covers.

    Other services that we offer include: formatting for Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Createspace; website design; and soon to come promotional materials for authors.

    Visit us at

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