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23 responses to “Book Reviewers

  1. I’m a retired librarian and author of 4 historical family sagas. My latest one was published this month, April 2020. I’m very interested in being a book reviewer and would like to have my latest book reviewed as well. Please let me know how both of these two goals can be met.
    Thank you!
    DL Larson

  2. Calling all Indie Authors. I’m looking for any of you who are interested in appearing on my website, in a feature called the Indie Showcase. You can check it out at and see what others have posted.

  3. Hi. I’m Judi Moore. I’m an author and reviewer. I blog at I mainly review indie books, often for Big Al & Pals, the premier review blogsite in the States. I also review on my own account.

    I have a broad spectrum of reading interests, although I don’t read horror, crime or romance. If you would like me to review something of yours, please send me a mobi e-file and we’ll take it from there. šŸ™‚

    • Oops! A point of contact would’ve been handy, eh?

    • Tony Leslie Duxbury

      Hi Judi, are you still reviewing? I have a fantasy book which needs reviews. Please let me know.
      Tony Duxbury

      • Hi Tony,

        Yes I’m still reviewing.

        Can you let me know a little more about your book that needs reviews, please: ie, title, length, USPs.

        Are you self-published? If yes, suggest you send the book to Big Al & Pals for review. You will get a wider circulation that way than you would from my solo endeavours, including of course some traction in the USA. I can pick the book up from there, if it looks suitable.

        Just so you know a little about my process, I am about to start a new book (for Big Al) and it will take me about a month.

        With all good wishes Judi Moore

  4. I’m a reviewer, my blog is at I will give an honest review and send any editing items I come across. I prefer kindle or audiobook format. My email is

  5. Davida Chazan

    “The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog” is mine. you can contact me at

  6. Jennykreeve

    I am a book reviewer and enjoy reading, thrillers, drama, chic lit and humour. So my collection is vast. I review books on Goodreads and NetGalley.

    • Iā€™d be delighted to have you review Freefall: A Divine Comedy. You can learn more about it at

    • Peter Taylor-Goobhy

      I hope you and yours are keeping well in these grim, glum days. I would be honoured if you felt able to review my new novel ā€“ contemporary fiction, 65,000 words available now from all e-Book publishers.

      Blood Ties is about love, betrayal and compassion. Ritchie, a successful advertising executive, is blackmailed into leading a campaign to make modern slavery acceptable to the public. His children, activists in the struggle against people-trafficking, are horrified. The novel tells of his journey through a Britain where rich and poor live as close and as distant as the cheeks of the blade of an axe, and how he finds that it is only through self-sacrifice that he can reunite his family.

      Pleaselet me know the best way to send it to you
      I do hope you feel able to review, if not ā€“ no problem!

      Best wishes and stay well


    • nennymay

      Hi could you also review my new Thriller release Missing? It’s short and I could give you an ARC?

  7. I review speculative fiction for SF Signal, and books that don’t fall in that category, like thrillers and mysteries, at my homepage, I also podcast interviews as AudioTim on that same site.

  8. Looking forward for reviewing books on Non-fiction (Philosophy, self-help, Biographies and Memoirs and History), literary fiction (Novels and Poems).

    • Hi, I’ll be finishing the memoir I’ve been working on for the last three years in a couple of months. Once I get through beta reading, I’d like an early review if you’re willing. You’ll have plenty of notice to schedule the reading. If so, please let me know and I’ll reserve an ARC. Please note, current title and art is all work-in-progress. I’m shopping for book designer now and have a new title already in mind. Thanks for your consideration.


  9. Hi,

    I’ll review books that are non-fiction and interesting. There is no cost and therefore the extent of the review is limited. It will be brief and honest. If I enjoy the story I’ll leave the review with amazon.


    • Hi, Gaston
      I am Dave from New Zealand. I just wonder if you are interested in reviewing my memoir Over A Year, which is on Amazon.
      Any reply would be appreciated.

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