If you are a book illustrator, please leave a post below giving us your name, contact info, and any web links.  


19 responses to “Illustrators

  1. I create superlative book cover illustrations for self publishing authors.

    Steve Feldman

  2. – My name is Devin Maupin, I am a freelance Illustrator and my favorite jobs are book cover design. the jobs that I have done have been fully illustrated covers for Fantasy and Science fiction books, which can be found on Amazon. I am open to any genera and would love to hear about you cover needs. My contact info will be below:

    Devin Maupin

    some of my work:

    I am flexible on fees and can work around your needs.
    Cheers and I hope to hear from you!

  3. Hello, I am a book cover Illustrator and Designer who specializes in more realistic illustrations as well as seamlessly blending them with photos. I can make a single illustration for your book or design the complete cover for print depending on your needs. You can check out my book covers at

    And you can email me at

  4. Hello,
    I am looking for an illustrator for my new book cover. It is going to be a full drawing. If you are interested, please contact me at and we can discuss what the book theme is.

  5. Stephen M. Gray

    I’m searching for an illustrator to help create a book cover for my novel, which is set in ancient China (519 B. C.). I want the cover to depict a specific description of a person contained in the book.

    Thanks for passing this request on to your network.

    Stephen M. Gray

  6. Hy I’m Jens a concept artist/illustrator from Belgium. Mostly for post apocalyptic or fantasy projects. Check out my website where you can contact me

  7. Hello!

    I am a freelance Illustrator and Artist who also specializes in concept art for world building. I also have experience illustrating for Children’s books. You can find my work on my online portfolio: or on my Behance at .

    You can also contact me at

    Have a fantastic day to anyone reading this!

  8. Mamitiana randria

    HI! I’m Mamitiana Randrianarisoa, illustrator
    You can see my works on:

  9. I have been a commercial illustrator for over 15 years, samples can be viewed at
    Thank you for your consideration and feel free to contact me with any questions at

  10. My name is Elena, I’m a conceptual photographer and my work has been showcased both in solo exhibitions and in collectives in New Mexico and California. My images are available for licensing as book cover art. I also work on commission.
    Contact: eegiorgi (at)

  11. Erebus

    Hello, I’m a professional digital illustrator and graphic designer, I work often with book covers (or even whole layouts, since I’m also a graphic designer) and a lot with boardgames. I can go from an historical and graphical style to a more painterly and fantasy one. I love both sci-fi, fantasy and historical settings, misteries and anything that can make me dream.

    See my gallery here:
    Click on the gallery to see my illustrations, and on the top right corner of the main page you will find my various contacts too.

    Have fun!

  12. Hi. My name is Ke Sneller. I’m an illustrator and environment concept artist and I’m looking for work. You can see my sci fi, fan art, and fantasy work at Or follow me on Tumblr at and twitter at @kesneller

  13. swandieve

    Hi! My name is Deanna Dionne and I’m also an illustrator. You can view my work at … If you think we’d be a good fit, feel free to contact me through that website!

    I also design custom indie book covers, at


  14. Azarii Knight

    I have an Instagram page where I post my online portfolio under AzariiArt. And if needed, I can provide my portfolio through email or even do trial pieces.

  15. Hannah

    I’m curious to know how one goes around making/using photos/etc for cover art. I’ve always made my own for myself (just to keep me focused) but now that I’m looking to publish, I’m wondering what are the laws for what photos/etc I can use? I’m really good at using PSE and tweaking things, so it’s not really recognizable from the originals (at least, I don’t think so), but I want to double check they are still OK to use. Thanks…

  16. I am an artist that does illustrations, concept art, animation. You can view my artwork at and for fan art. You can contact me at

  17. Hi my name is Ricky Gunawan. i’m an illustrator and book cover artist. I’ve been doing a lot of book covers too. Everthing is a original art and fully digitally painted. i used to work with Curiosity Quills Press and they have a lot of talented authors too.
    You can see my works on : (Cover and fantasy artworks) (Sequential art and children illustrations) (Deviantart Gallery)

    Please contact me :

  18. If you would like to see HAND made in Italy pictures, have a look at
    there is a published work also…
    thank you for your time

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