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If you are a book publisher, or an e-book formatter, please leave a post below giving us your name, contact info, and any possible web links.


20 responses to “Publishers & E-Book Formatters

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Sherell Bernard and I’m the owner/publisher at Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services. You can visit

    Publishing Packages
    We offer two types of publishing packages:

    – Traditional Package
    We publish, print, advertise and market your book. We distribute your printed book to various bookstores (on consignment) both in the Caribbean and abroad as well as sell both your print and ebook via online stores. You, the author, receive 65% of royalties earned.

    – Self Publishing Package
    If you wish to retain sole publishing rights on your book and earn the full royalties from your sales, then we offer an all-inclusive package at a cost of $599(ebook package) $899(Paperback & ebook). This does not include advertising, marketing or distributing.

    About Idle Sky:

    Idle Sky Books & Publishing Services has been in the publishing business for a year and 5 months (est. March 2018). This company was started in an effort to support Indie authors and connect them to a world of readers. We have begun various initiatives in helping authors, whether published with us or not, to gain reviews, readership and spotlight on their work.

    If you want to learn more, visit our website or email us ( request a free consultation call via whatsapp.

  2. hi. I need a cover illustrator to realize my concept for a suspense thriller. for prnit & ebook. please email me with contac, timeframe & fee details

  3. My name is Allison Bruning and I am the owner of Mountain Springs House. Mountain Springs House is a publishing house located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of services to help meet the needs of all authors, established and new. Many of our books have become bestsellers. You can check us out at

  4. Hello all,
    My self-publishing company: CKBookspublishing ( offers book editing, proofing, ebook formatting and print book design.
    I have a certificate in copy editing, which included education in book design, and have taken additional courses in editing children’s books and proofing. I teach writing and publishing at libraries and for grade school children and have edited fiction and non-fiction books – developmental and copy editing. You can view testimonials to my work at my website.
    I am also a writer, having published 6 books to date, one which received a national IPPY award and my latest was a finalist for a Midwest Book Award.
    You can contact me if you just have questions about any aspect of the self-publishing process. I’d be happy to help you navigate the confusing world of publishing.
    Christine Keleny

  5. Wolfpack Publishing is now excepting manuscripts in all genres.

  6. Hi everyone.

    I provide services for indie authors at reasonable rates, including the formatting of your manuscript. to create epub and mobi files that reflect the care you took in writing your book (using hand-coded HTML rather than automated conversion).

    I take pride in providing services that are affordable, professional and uncomplicated. Please go to the website at for more information or email me at I look forward to working with you.


  7. Spearcarrier

    We are Ebookcovers4U:

    We’ve been formatting ebooks for Smashwords and Amazon authors since the Smashwords list was first created. We offer ebook formatting, reflowable epubs and mobis, copyediting, and most especially professional ebook covers.

    Also feel free to check out our premade book covers at

    We believe in service with care and a friendly atmosphere. We keep our rates as low as possible just for you. Feel free to drop us a line.

  8. Hello,
    Everyone deserves beautiful and creative book covers.
    I have over 8 years of experience in book cover design working both with Publishing houses and self published authors. I have a post graduate specialization in book design.
    Take a look at my designs here
    I offer affordable prices from 50 USD to 200 USD, depending on the style of the book, e book or print book and the amount of time needed for completion.
    Most of the time I work on Odesk

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

  9. Hello authors,
    I am a book formatter. I format both print books and ebooks to be published with Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Lulu. I am a detailed formatter and my fees are minimal. You can check out my website to learn more about my credentials and services here: If you are interested, you can contact me through my website.

  10. My name is Thomas Beaton and I would like to offer my services as an eBook formatter / Artisan. I do hand coding of eBooks to HTML and then output them to epub mobi or other requested formats. Adding pictures were needed and helping convert tables that may be in your text to jpegs. I can put together a fully professional eBook for you that includes links at the end to your other works making it easy for readers to purchase. My eBooks contain everything you expect from a professional eBook

    my website is:

    or email me at jthomasbeaton [at]

  11. Village Green Press offers a vast array of professional services for writers. Ranging from developmental editing to putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece, you can count on fast thorough service from seasoned professionals. Please visit us and check out the Testimonials page!

  12. ahthompson

    I provide eBook and pBook formatting at affordable prices. Visit my website for details:

  13. Haus of Millian produces gorgeously styled titles for electronic publication.

    We are especially interested in the following genres:
    Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Dark Fiction, Satire, original Short Fiction collections Autobiographical Fiction, Memoirs, Faux Memoirs, Fables, Alternate World, Mannerpunk, Paranormal, Bizarro, Urban Fantasy, and we’re not afraid of Erotica.

    For more information, our blog and submission guidelines
    for Fall/Winter 2013 visit us at

  14. Hello!
    Alkinea is a free software that converts LibreOffice books to Kindle and ePub.
    It requires the document to follow some simple standard rules, like setting the style of all chapter titles to “Heading 1.” It’s very easy to use, and has a few original features, like converting headings and drop caps with fancy fonts to pictures that can be legally embedded into the ebook.
    It also automatically creates a table of contents, converts internal hyperlinks, includes front and back matter in the ToC, runs on Windows and OS X, and the resulting mobi file is accepted by Amazon, as the last step in the conversion uses amazon’s tool, KindleGen.
    You can download it here:
    Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any comment, suggestion, or if it helped you converting your book:

  15. BB eBooks recognizes the rapid growth of the eBook market and understands the writer’s needs to have full control over their crafted work. With its technical knowledge, customer-oriented approach, and understanding of the eBook market, BB eBooks seeks to provide self-publishers and small presses with professional design services for all eBook formats. BB eBooks utilizes the latest technology – HTML, CSS, and XML – to make sure that all eBooks look excellent across a wide range of electronic devices.

    One of the main advantages of eBooks is portability, replacing the burden of carrying around the tremendous weight of textbooks, hardcovers, and other large print formats. Typically, an eBook reader can store up to 1,000+ books and it facilitates sharing amongst readers instantaneously. Another benefit of eBooks is the low-cost due to lack of warehousing and distribution requirements.

    Unfortunately, many eBooks sold by the major distributors (i.e. Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble) are poorly designed and frequently criticized by readers. When asked how BB eBooks would improve standards in eBook design, Paul Salvette (Managing Director) replied, “We focus on using the latest technology standards and our own knowledge of HTML/CSS to handcraft each eBook, rather than just trying to use bloated software to convert a print book to an eBook.”

    Many authors and small presses face technical challenges in trying to achieve a professional-quality eBook. Panich Choonhanirunrit (Director of Marketing and Sales), who is also a writer, said, “We really want to alleviate the burden in the publishing process by providing the outstanding eBook design at an affordable price. That way, writers can spend their valuable time focusing on what’s important—writing.”

    The company aims to turn information into professional eBooks as a service to the content-creating community. This will allow writers and small presses with limited budgets to sell their eBooks worldwide.

  16. Stephen

    Cyberworld Publishing began publishing e-books in 2009. We are a member of the Australian Publishers Association and EPIC, and our publisher is a member of the Society of Editors (NSW).

    We operate three imprints and publish all types of fiction, including GLBTQ fiction and gay romance and erotica. Through our Puppy Care Education imprint we also publish non fiction illustrated dog books.

    We pride ourselves on producing e-books of a high quality and do all formatting. editing and design in house.

    We are always taking submissions in all our areas of interest.

    Visit us at:

  17. Hello from Tugboat Design!

    At Tugboat Design we strive to provide high quality products at an affordable price for independent authors. Proper formatting can be the difference between a 5* review and a 4 or 3* review. We are here to make sure that your review is never decreased due to formatting issues. We can format for Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Createspace.

    Other services that we offer include: book cover design; website design; and soon to come promotional materials for authors.

    Visit us at

  18. My name is Jolena and I work with Less Than Three Press, LLC.

    Less Than Three Press is a publishing company specializing in serial fiction, novels and anthologies of the m/m; f/f variety. We’re always accepting submissions and we believe in supporting our authors all the way. We have a great team of editors, cover artists, and promoters who will help you make sure your book looks and sounds its best on it’s release day.

    If you’re interested you can check out LT3 at:

    If you’re ready to submit something check out our guidelines at:

    Also, feel free to check out our goodreads group. There you can meet the team behind LT3, talk to the authors, see our upcoming releases and find out first hand from our readers why you should publish with LT3.

    We look forward to hearing from you! ^_^

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