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Marta Cleans Up by Cyndia Rios-Myers

Chicago-based maid – Marta Morales – is tired of feeling irrelevant and being treated that way. She’s a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee. Her son is gone. She hates her ex-husband. She cannot stand her co-workers and the rest of her family lives in Puerto Rico and. That leaves a bit of a vacuum for human interaction. That quickly changes when Marta cleans out the recently vacated law office of an attorney at a fancy law firm. A forgotten cell phone contains incriminating video that both scares and excites Marta. She does the right thing by advising the law firm of the video and even talking to the cops about it. While nervous about the criminals she saw in the video, as well as the police officers asking her questions she cannot answer, she thinks she has things figured out. What she doesn’t expect is the treachery coming from the cleaning company she works with, as well as the attentions of two very attractive police detectives. Her feelings of irrelevance quickly disappear when she finds herself using talents she’d shelved long ago – those of a woman who used to be a police officer.


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