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Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 13 of 100

Mono Lake Field (1 of 1).jpg

In LA, you can run into celebrities at the most random places. It could be Pierce Brosnan at a beach, Jennifer Aniston at a parking lot, David Grohl at a mall, or Kim Kardashian at a restaurant. I know because all of those scenarios happened to me with those people. It’s a part of the daily life in the City of Angels.

Sometimes I’m thrust back into the busy metropolis, and celeb culture, right after a relaxing photography vacation in the same state, just a few hours north of LA. It’s an odd feeling. It’s like I was on a different planet just hours ago, and that I’ve traveled millions of miles to now be on one surrounded by endless freeways, buildings, cars, and people. When taking a look through my pictures (such as the one posted above), it’s hard to believe that it was me who took the photo in the first place. I feel like a thief. I must have grabbed the wrong camera on the subway, discovered some cool shots on it, and claimed them as my own. My world is the city. That beautiful planet on that camera is light years away.

But it did happen. As strange as it may be, it’s all in California–the celebrities, the skyscrapers, the coastlines, the mountains, the forests, and the desserts. I have to remind myself that it’s not just about the traffic and high prices, which is not easy when traveling on the 405 at rush hour and discovering I need to refill my gas tank. I have to revisit my pictures to refresh my memory that the state has a lot to offer as long as I’m willing to invest the time to see it. It’s always waiting and available.

And it won’t take light years.

Just another tank of gas.

(Vincent Lowry – Author of American Vineyard and #LucysLetter)

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