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How do you find author bloggers, reviewers, and supporters?

Perhaps your book is done and you need help with it, or you are a reader who loves reading book blogs and reviews. If this applies to you, then the Goodreads Authors/Readers bloggers, reviewers, and supporters is a good place to browse to see what you can find to help you out.

Here is the link:


It is one of the most active threads on the group, and while some posts might not fit what you are seeking, you are bound to find some golden nugget of information if you read the many posts in the thread.

Go see it!

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Are you wondering how to find a great editor?

Editors are essential in the publishing industry! I cannot stress this enough. A great book will remain a poor one if it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, so do not think you can “wing it” by editing your book yourself.

The link below has hundreds of editors who offer a wide range of services.

Please do your own research! I make no warranties or claims about the quality or creditability of these listed editors, so it is in your own best interest to look at the work they’ve done on similar books and request a few samples of their editorial services.

You can view them here:



Vincent Lowry

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