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The Lords of Powder by Peter W. Blaisdell

THE LORDS OF POWDER is a fast-paced, blend of modern fantasy, historical fiction and suspense.
In the story, Bradan is a 1500 year old magician, but only looks 30 years of age. Fifteen centuries has been plenty of time to get into trouble and he’s at various times fled Vikings and joined court-life in medieval Andalusia while trying avoid being strangled in the Caliph’s dungeon. Things haven’t improved much in 1978 Miami where he drives a haunted Volvo station wagon, keeps a high-strung wolf, and tries to woo a gifted musician. However, he needs money for his lifestyle. Lots of money. Bradan uses his magical talents to organize a lucrative smuggling ring, but success brings him to the attention of violent rivals as well as narcotics detectives, and the DEA. Will his modest enchantment skills and sardonic sense of humor save him? And can he balance the profitability of smuggling with its consequences for his romantic relationship, humanity, and survival?
As one Goodreads reviewer noted about THE LORDS OF POWDER, “Peter Blaisdell’s second novel – a prequel to his first (THE LORDS OF OBLIVION) – is a fast paced and exciting read. The dialog is realistic and often humorous. Even if one hasn’t read the first novel, it would be easy to become invested in his characters. And who doesn’t secretly want a pet wolf?”
Another reviewer stated, “This was very good. Very good dialog and entertaining plot. The author has obvious talent, and I’ll check out his other book. I hope he has more in for us.”
THE LORDS OF POWDER is the second work in this urban, noir fantasy series, which includes the previously published THE LORDS OF OBLIVION. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story, but they work really well together.


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