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Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 38 of 100



I had a friend ask me for prints of New Orleans today. I’m happy that he wants one from me, but these types of requests (blindly sending shots that might interest my customer) always leave me with a feeling that I need far more pictures than I’ve currently taken of the requested place/subject matter. My problem is I focus too hard on getting one picture just right. While that’s not a problem in the sense that it gives me an outstanding picture for my portfolio (see above), it is an issue when quantity outweighs quality. That can happen in photography. You can show a client 3 pictures that took forever to envision and capture, only to have that same client ask you, “Cool. But what else do you have?” It’s a part of the job, I guess.

I have no idea if my friend will say the same to me when I show him the 8 photos that I sent his way.

Time will tell.

-Vincent Lowry (Author of American Vineyard and #LucysLetter)


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Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 32 of 100


The Super Bowl is this Sunday. It’s the Patriots vs. Falcons, and I must be honest that I don’t care for either team. I’m a Saints fan. I went to school in New Orleans (Tulane), the city that can claim only one Super Bowl Championship ring, and I’m only mildly curious to see if the Falcons can beat the Patriots when the pressure is on them.

The picture above was taken at Gettysburg a few years back. It was shot during the summer time in 2014, when the grass was strikingly green and weather was a mixture of rain and sunshine. I kept thinking how odd it was to stand on a battlefield that was far cry from how it looked 150 years earlier. The cannons, guns, smoke, bodies–time had replaced all of it with nature’s calming elegance. It was hard to believe a Civil War had been fought on the very soil on which I was capturing with my camera. It was difficult to picture the lives that had been lost on the battlefield, the struggle between two sides bent on victory.

I consider myself very lucky that today’s battle only concerns two football teams fighting it out in the deep south.

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February 4, 2017 · 7:04 am