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21,000 Members and Growing!

Many posts on this blog (and many more in the future) reference a group I created on Goodreads.com called Goodreads Authors/Readers. The membership currently stands at 21,000 plus people from around the world. I encourage you to visit it and see the many threads on books, writing, marketing, and publishing.

Here is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/26989-goodreads-authors-readers


Vincent Lowry

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Interested in free books from different authors & genres? Visit this web address…

I think everyone loves a chance to win a free book, especially if it’s in a genre you love to read!

For many years, Goodreads.com has offered a platform for authors to list their books in contests for readers to enter and win.

It’s called the Goodreads giveaway program, and I’ve personally enjoyed it (as an author entering my book and as a reader trying to get a free copy).

Here is that link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway


-Vincent Lowry

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How to find a great website designer…


A great website for a book (or series of books) can make an author stand out for his/her readers!

If you are an author in need of a website designer, check out this Goodreads link:


Ask the designers questions and visit their links to make sure their service fits your work.

Best of luck!


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How do you find author bloggers, reviewers, and supporters?

Perhaps your book is done and you need help with it, or you are a reader who loves reading book blogs and reviews. If this applies to you, then the Goodreads Authors/Readers bloggers, reviewers, and supporters is a good place to browse to see what you can find to help you out.

Here is the link:


It is one of the most active threads on the group, and while some posts might not fit what you are seeking, you are bound to find some golden nugget of information if you read the many posts in the thread.

Go see it!

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Are you wondering how to find a great editor?

Editors are essential in the publishing industry! I cannot stress this enough. A great book will remain a poor one if it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, so do not think you can “wing it” by editing your book yourself.

The link below has hundreds of editors who offer a wide range of services.

Please do your own research! I make no warranties or claims about the quality or creditability of these listed editors, so it is in your own best interest to look at the work they’ve done on similar books and request a few samples of their editorial services.

You can view them here:



Vincent Lowry

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What does it take to publish a romance novel? (A Penguin Random House Luncheon in New York on 7/23/15!)

Dear Authors and Readers,

Have you ever wondered what it takes to publish a successful romance novel? I’m happy to announce that Penguin Random House is hosting a luncheon in New York on 7/23/15 to discuss that very topic!

Here is a link where you can learn more about this great opportunity:


And I’m excited to say that we have an inside look at Penguin Random House on my Goodreads Authors/Readers group, where we will talk to a representative and interview authors:



Vincent Lowry (Author of Surfing the Seconds)

From the website:

Random House invites you to go behind the scenes with digital romance imprints Loveswept and Flirt.

Do you want to know what goes into publishing a successful eBook? Join us to learn that and more at our luncheon featuring a panel of Loveswept/Flirt’s lead team members, a Q&A with bestselling Random House authors J. Kenner, Tracy Wolff, and Claire Kent, and a meet-and-greet with top industry professionals.

What’s Included:

  • Panel with the Loveswept/Flirt editorial, cover design, production, copywriting, marketing, and sales teams, including a question-and-answer session
  • Q&A with bestselling authors J. Kenner, Tracy Wolff, and Claire Kent
  • Lunch from Dean & DeLuca
  • Meet-and-Greet with the publishing team and Loveswept/Flirt authors
  • Complimentary review copies of SAY MY NAME, EXPOSED, SWEET THE SIN, and DOING IT FOR LOVE emailed to your inbox after the event

Loveswept and Flirt are Random House’s* digital-only imprints focused on romance and women’s fiction titles. More consumers are reading eBooks than ever before, and we’re looking to the future and seeking to partner with the most forward-thinking and up-and-coming authors to introduce them to an avid new audience of digital readers.

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