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The Proximity of Stars by Benedict Stuart

BlurbHave you ever wondered if we choose our loved ones during our lifetime? Before or after that time? Do you ponder the meaning of your existence? Your destiny? What life would be like if your enemies or rivals didn’t exist at all? Brian Sunderland, whom some might call a “profound researcher,” has been looking for answers to these questions. In fact, his entire life so far has been ruled by this quest, as he journeys through various dilemmas, such as surrendering to true love, his coming of age, fighting, standing up for his rights, helping others, and finally, leaving his mark on this world. In stark contrast, Peter Drake is portrayed quite realistically, as he and a cast of “everyday heroes and heroines,” including General Grant and Lianne Starling, deal with some extraordinary circumstances, tough times, action-packed scenes, and high drama. Sympathetic characters as well as despicable ones float in and out, yet ultimately, the main intrigue of the story concerns the complex relationships and dynamic interactions that occur between the good guys and the bad. Does each person deserve what he or she gets? Does each person move on with life – or simply fail? Read on to find out.About the AuthorFor the time being, Benedict J. Stuart resides in Europe with his girlfriend, taking care of two pets. They are still considered to be relatively young and intelligent. His dreams are mainly about better education, including lifelong learning, raising cultural awareness and improvement of overall human communication worldwide with the help of modern technology. Finally, he is a firm believer in broad general knowledge per se.



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