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Interview with Yza Dora, author of Secrets of Ravenstone!

Hello, today we have an interview with Yza Dora, author of Secrets of the Ravenstone.


-Vincent Lowry

Where did you come up with the idea for the book?

I originally came up with the idea for the series from a crazy dream I had. Sorting out the details of it and piecing them together, it was totally different from what’s published now. But after constant editing, revising and polishing the story, it finally came down to the current piece. The characters are the same but tweaked a lot to fit in with the current Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genre. I want them to feel as real as possible so readers who are following their journey, can, in some ways, relate to them and their struggles. My mom; who is my ghost writer because she doesn’t want to be categorized as co-author, has helped me greatly from the beginning!

Is your book part of a series?

Yes, Secrets of Ravenstone is part of a series. Books 2 and 3 are in the full editing process, with book 4 not even in the beginning stages yet, other than just ideas that are scratched on every kind of piece of paper, even napkins, tucked away in a file folder. Guess it’s true what they say about authors in that aspect; we do scribble on anything. I also have 3 books in mind for future projects; ones of which that in way, coincide with this series but have no affiliation with them. They’re basically back stories into a few characters mentioned throughout the current series. What can I say, I’m busy and take my writing seriously. My book covers of which I have designed personally by my own hand without the fancy software, have been created for those future stories.

How have sales been?

Now, as far as my selling success? That’s tricky. I’ve received a few scattered sales here and there on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but since Amazon has changed their reviewing policy so it seems, it makes it difficult for reviewers and readers to make their reviews. So, most of my success believe it or not, has come from Inkitt. A free platform where I’ve received most of my best reviews! Being self-published is hard at times, especially when it comes to promotion because let’s face it, you’re doing it all on your own and of course, you’ll be convinced by coaches or other authors to pay for their services in that field. Instagram and Twitter offers the best promotional style for me, since I’m active on those 2 specific media profiles. I’m also a blogger and reviewer of TV and movies, having my own blog as well, so things gets busy for me in between writing and being a personal caregiver, caring for my mom and 2 other senior patients. And to handle the stress sometimes, I manage to squeeze some game time, playing my favorite series; Assassin’s Creed! Oh, yeah!

Any final comments:

A little extra detail, if you need it, but I live in Las Vegas, NV with my mom, 2 cats, 2 pigeons, 2 fish and a dog. Yes…I have quite the zoo happening in my home, haha! But they offer, in their own little ways, comfort.

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