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Welcome to the destination that can help you get your book seen (see the testimonials below!)! Vince can not only post about you and your book on this blog–via an interview–but he can also post your book cover and links on large groups found on Instagram, Facebook, and Goodreads. His group on Goodreads alone has over 30k members.

Get started today! Email Vince at vjlowry1@gmail.com for the different options, or leave a comment below on how he can contact you.

If you’d like to see examples of interviews on this blog, please click here.

Author Testimonials:

“Posting a link on my blog to my book that was featured on the E- Authors blog generated increased interest and likes for the book.”

David Mayerhoff, Author, Into The Shadows

“Eauthorresource is a great site for authors and readers, and I appreciate the feature for the Bisecter series!”
Stephanie, Author, Bisecter 
“Thank you, Vince, for featuring me on your website, with my novel Life and Other Dreams. There are some very useful resources on here for authors and bloggers. Great work pulling it all together.”
Richard Dee, Author, Life and Other Dreams
“A great opportunity for a writer to get their name and book out to people they would not otherwise have access too. It is also a great way for readers to find new writing and hopefully encourage a few more sales!”
Prince Cavallo, author, The Cenotaph of Dreams
“E-Author Resources offers authors a helpful roundup of professionals for every aspect of the publishing process, from editing to cover design to reviews. Vincent Lowry also posts author interviews and book spotlights. With so many great resources in one spot, this site has something of value for both writers and readers.”
Joy E. Rancatore, author, “Ealiverel Awakened” in The Crux Anthology





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9 responses to “About Author Interviews!

  1. Q Taylor

    Hello, I am the author Q Taylor and I have seven books currently published. I am fairly new to goodreads and trying to get an understanding of how it works and my feel around the building. Lol. I am highly interested in this page. Can you please contact me and give me some insight on how to get my works viewed and discussed?

  2. Deb Larson

    Hello Vincent ~
    I’m DL Larson, author of historical family sagas. My latest book just came out and I would be interested in one of your interviews.

  3. Dirk D Griffin

    Thank you so very much for the interview. Be well.

  4. Dirk D Griffin

    Thank you so very much for allowing me space on your site. Be well.

  5. obedladiny

    Thank you, Vince, for featuring me and my poetry collection on your website. The site is awesome! Great to be able to find these necessary helpful resources here.

  6. Hello, would you be interested in interviewing a first time self published author, or are you concentrating on more established writers?

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