Author Testimonials!

Read the testimonials for authors who have attended Vincent Lowry’s marketing workshops! (RSVP for Vincent’s next workshop by emailing or by commenting on this blog!) 

“I found Vince Lowry’s marketing workshop helpful, rounding out my existing armamentarium of marketing techniques. He demystified the mechanics of several approaches that I’d previously found daunting and added a couple of potentially effective resources that I’d not previously
considered. I’m looking forward to putting these new tools into use.”

Rick Moskovitz, Harvard educated psychiatrist, author of The Brink of Life Trilogy, Shared Madness, and Carousel Music


“This course gave me an excellent perspective on creative ways to reach new readers.  The money spent will save me dollars wasted on impractical ads and dead-end promos. Both new and seasoned authors will benefit from this course and feel confident about introducing his or her book to untapped audiences.”

Karen Pinney, author, Golden Days and Velvet Nights


“Vince genuinely wants to help authors, and is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge!”

Carol VanDenHende, author, Goodbye Orchid – October 1, 2020


“Vincent Lowry’s recent Book Marketing Workshop was very helpful.  The group was small, which made me feel like I really got to know the other authors by the time we were finished.  Vincent made sure that each of the participants had the opportunity to share successes and failures with our book(s), and allowed us to interact with each other, as well as with him.  I came away from the workshop not only with new, interesting, and beneficial information but also with the feeling that I now have new fellow-author friends.  This feature is a great bonus, and very much appreciated!

Vincent is a great host, teacher, and moderator.”

Nancy Strom, author, Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation


“This workshop was extremely valuable. Vince Lowry knows his stuff—specifically, he knows about marketing books. I came away from the workshop with a whole systematic program for marketing both my currently published and future books. An added bonus is that the opens to floor to give participants a chance to share their marketing ideas, several of which I know I’ll find useful.”

Henry Millstein, author, Speaker for the God


And read the many testimonials for all of Vincent Lowry’s marketing services!

“E-Author Resources has helped me expand the reach of my marketing efforts. Within one week of reaching out to a handful of the listed book reviewers, I had three blog posts scheduled and three reviews lined up, and I’ve used many of the resources available on there. I’ll be heading back often.”

E.G. Moore, author, Rowdy Days of Dom Sanders


“Vincent’s site has a wealth of information to offer to writers. Not only does he post author interviews, like that of yours truly (thank you again), but he provides a variety of helpful resources: cover artists, editors, illustrators, to name a few. Whether you’re new to writing and considering self-publishing, or you’re already there, E-Authors Resources is a fantastic “one-stop-shop”.  I heartily recommend you take advantage!”

Tyler Colins, author, The Triple Threat Investigation Agency series


“Via his interviews, Vincent does an extraordinary amount of hard work to help bring the work of authors from across the genre spectrum to the attention of potential readers. He is always approachable and friendly, so if you want to spread your wings a little you should definitely get in contact with him. E-Author Resources also features the contact details for a wide variety of services that can be invaluable to an independent author.”
George Stratford, author,  I Spy Bletchley Park


“E-Authors Resources is a great resource for readers and writers alike to obtain information about the work of new and established authors.  It is also a very helpful site for writers to interact with other writers, book designers, editors, illustrators, publishers, and website designers. Thanks, Vincent!”

B.R. Bentley, author, The Banker’s Box


“For my first book, “The Crystal Road”, I went for the assisted self-publishing route, in order to be frugal.  I humbly learned what an uphill battle and expense it is, to self-market.

I happened across Vincent Lowry’s Authors/Readers blog and E-Authors Resource website.  The inclusion into which, has boosted the exposure to a much larger audience than I could have reached, alone.  I am so grateful.  Thank-you, Vince!  I can’t wait to share my next work with you!”
Jan-Andrea Day, Author, The Crystal Road

“Love Vincent’s informative and useful blog! Great interviews from up-and-coming as well as established writers. Entertaining as well as enlightening!”

ML Holton, Canadian author of TRILLIUM, now available in ebook or trade paperback.


“I was delighted when I came across Vincent’s blog. The opportunity was given for my book to be featured on his blog. I welcome this offer. As an indie author this is good because it’s getting your book out there for people to discover you.”

Kerrian Adebanjo, Author, The Oil of Joy: Scriptural Principles for a Joyful Life


“Posting a link on my blog to my book that was featured on the E- Authors blog generated increased interest and likes for the book.”

David Mayerhoff, Author, Into The Shadows

E-Authors Resources blog is one of the best resources for readers to get information about the work of new and established authors.  It is also a very helpful site for writers who are interested in self-publishing as its database has a large number of book cover artists, editors, illustrators, publishers, and website designers.”
Imran Omer, Author, Entangled Lives
“Eauthorresource is a great site for authors and readers, and I appreciate the feature for the Bisecter series!”
Stephanie, Author, Bisecter 
“Thank you, Vince, for featuring me on your website, with my novel Life and Other Dreams. There are some very useful resources on here for authors and bloggers. Great work pulling it all together.”
Richard Dee, Author, Life and Other Dreams
“A great opportunity for a writer to get their name and book out to people they would not otherwise have access too. It is also a great way for readers to find new writing and hopefully encourage a few more sales!”
Prince Cavallo, author, The Cenotaph of Dreams
“E-Author Resources offers authors a helpful roundup of professionals for every aspect of the publishing process, from editing to cover design to reviews. Vincent Lowry also posts author interviews and book spotlights. With so many great resources in one spot, this site has something of value for both writers and readers.”
Joy E. Rancatore, author, “Ealiverel Awakened” in The Crux Anthology
“Thank you, Vincent, for the opportunity of being interviewed on your site. On Goodreads, I saw a spike in books added, and garnered a few sales from appearing on your blog. A couple of years ago, you featured all four of my book covers and the results were the same. Your support is greatly appreciated.”
Mary Feliciani, author, “The Invisible Boy
“I am really grateful to Vince and his blog for the exposure and publicity featuring on his site will bring and I would recommend all authors ask to feature. It’s also lovely to be part of a community.”
Nadia Harlan, author, “Don’t Look Back
“Thank you,Vince, for offering such opportunities to indy authors to help let people know about their work. Your site is chock full of useful information, and you’ve been lovely to deal with as well. I’m really grateful not only for the interview, but for an earlier feature on the site. It was absolutely worthwhile.”
S.J. Hartland, author, “The Last Seer King
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