Over the past week we’ve had lots of individuals and companies post their contact info on our blog!

If you are an author looking to publish your book, check out the pages above!



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2 responses to “9/24/12

  1. Hello, if you can help me with a book cover design I would appreciate it. I want a 6 by 9 cover in PDF. I should be a picture of me in a hot tub with an older Israeli couple (overweight/harry backs). We are being served fruit by a bald french man who is giving me a dirty look. The title of the book is, “Hiding From Life In God’s Waiting Room.”

  2. Calling All Indie Authors-Are you looking for cover art for your next book? You can see my work at http://dcoll1.wix.com/dlcdesigns I would love to work with you on your new project:) Currently available to get started!

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