Interview with Clifford Browder, Author of The Eye That Never Sleeps


Today’s interview is with Clifford Browder, author of The Eye That Never Sleeps.

Please enjoy.


-Vincent Lowry

1) What is your author name and in what state do you live (or
country if not in the US)?
Clifford Browder New York
2) What is the title of your newest book and what is the genre?
The Eye That Never Sleeps historical novel
3) What is the book about?
The ambiguous friendship of a dapper young bank robber with the
sober, churchgoing private detective hired by the banks to
apprehend him.
4) Where did you come up with the idea?
I read about a real bank robber in nineteenth-century New York
City who made his way into high social circles, until he was
exposed and arrested.
5) How long did it take you to write it?
No idea. But once I started, it just flowed out.
6) Did you learn anything from the project?
The intriguing ambiguities of opposites attract. These two
opposites, who have to be enemies, really develop a friendship.
7) Do you have an author website and/or blog? How about a book
My blog: No Place for Normal: New York. Weekly posts about
anything and everything New York, past and present. It has given
me two nonfiction titles, with a third on the way. No website,
though I may create one. No book video. Tech-wise, I’m an


8) Do you have any success tips to pass on to fellow authors?
How about any great editors/cover artists?
For first-time authors: Brace yourself for an inevitable bad review
or two; we all get them. Also, don’t expect your friends to buy your
book; some will, some won’t. Remember: they haven’t sign a
contract to do so.
9) What genres do you like to read? Are you open to reading new
authors and reviewing their work?

I read more nonfiction than fiction, and especially like history. Not
much time for new authors, though occasionally I review them.

10) What is your favorite book of all time and why?
A tough question. Can’t cite just one. The King James version of
the Bible is a runner up; the poetry overwhelms me. Maybe
Joyce’s Ulysses, which I can reread endlessly; its mastery of style
and character are brilliant. In poetry, Ginsberg’s Howl and
Rimbaud’s Bateau Ivre (not in translation) are favorites, plus the
first two books of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Early Wordsworth holds
up well, as does T.S. Eliot’s Hollow Men. I’m all over the place,
aren’t I? Apologies.

11) Fun Question: Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
Sorry, no pets.
12) Fun Question 2: Do you own an electronic reading
device? If so, what kind and how do you like it?
Sorry, no such device. I keep free of gadgets as much as I can.


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