Interview with Natalie P. Jenkins, Author of After the Storm


We have another interview today, this time with Natalie P. Jenkins, author of After the Storm.

Please enjoy!


Vincent Lowry



1) What is your author name?

My author name is Natalie P. Jenkins and I live in the state of Kentucky.

2) What is your book title and genre?
The title of my newest book is After The Storm, and it’s an autobiographical novel. In simpler terms it’s my life story in a novel!
3) What is the book about?
As I mentioned above, this is my life story and a love story. It starts at the point where my fiancé was killed in a car accident and ends with me meeting my current boyfriend.
4) Where did you come up with the idea?
I decided that I needed to write my story pretty soon after Jason died. However, I waited until I was in my right mind before wrote my first book. I always knew that I wanted to share my love story with the world when I met someone else.
5) How long did it take you to write it?
It took me about 9 months to finish it completely.
6) What did you learn from the project?
I learned a lot throughout this process, most of which was patience. It’s better to take your time and give the story justice instead of rushing through to be published quicker.
7) Do you have an author website?
I do have an author website! It’s There will be some videos about my book coming soon! So keep an eye out for them.
8) What advice could you give to authors?
The best advice I could give to anyone is build an audience. I made the mistake of not doing that with my first book and it definitely impacted my sales.
9) Would you review books by new authors?
yes, I do like to read works from other authors. I’m always open to a good book! My favorite genre is true crime, but I’ll read the occasional romance novel every now and then.
10) What is your favorite book?
My favorite book of all time is the Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
11) Do you have pets?
Yes, I have a pet. I have black cat named Buddy. He’s been the best comfort to me and I don’t know how I made it this far in life without him.
12) Do you have a e-reader?
I have a kindle that I use for reading! I prefer it over reading on my phone. Though, when it comes to reading, I prefer paperback most of the time.
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