Following a Dream in 2017 – Day 23 of 100

Convict Lake Forest (1 of 1).jpg

I happily read that two more National Parks have defied the gag order placed upon them:


And I’m proud to add my excerpt from #LucysLetter – The Children of the Greenhouse Age

A House on Fire Cannot Stand

From the Children of Tomorrow:

Many score years will pile as high as a mountain and stretch as wide as a great river in the eras following your generation. The decisions you make during your brief stay on this borrowed planet determine whether that mountain, in the lens of time, is capped with snow and embraced by the beauty of scented evergreens, and whether that river is pure with fresh rain and flowing in abundance for tomorrow’s farms and communities. The statutes and policies you set regarding the health of our shared home is not confined to the age in which you live. Those laws are stones thrown into the lake of Earth’s history. The ripples spread with each succeeding generation—widening, growing, influencing—and become precedence for the subsequently tossed stones of legislation.

If a house divided against itself cannot stand, than neither can a house on fire. You must not turn a blind eye to the smoke signs of rising temperatures, melting glaciers, violent storms, diminishing reservoirs, burning forests. You must look with courage at the emergency which threatens our communal abode, and dedicate an unwavering, immediate focus—united in principle and policy—in snuffing out the peril smoldering in our midst. The hour of action is upon your generation. A newborn flame is manageable, but a mature inferno fed by the winds of denial, delay and indecisiveness becomes unstoppable. The great test of humanity’s fate shall unfold in your lifetime, determining whether the children of tomorrow will inherit the embers of a lost paradise once ample with diversity and beauty, or whether they will live in comfort and peace in a house, a world, saved and preserved.

With love for all,

-Lucy Gold & The Children of Tomorrow

(Vincent Lowry – Author of #LucysLetter and American Vineyard)

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